Baba Shafique Dogar

Baba Shafique Dogar is a feminist and social activist of district Sargodha. He has been working as human right activist since 1983. He has started social welfare through organize dozens of arrange marriages. Since 1983, he started furniture business and also selected president of furniture market for 12 years. In 2002 established star cable network business and share profit to charity purpose. On Feb 04, 2006 he has initiative to get voluntary registered an organization named “Star Welfare Organization” under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 and started working on the protection and promotion of women human rights. Till date, he has ingenuity to launched various human rights initiatives involving Hawa Shelter Home, Star Vocational Training Institute, Help desk and Help line for victims, Star Beggars Rehabilitation Center, Star Special Person Corner and Star Urgent appeal program.

With the remarkable performance of social services He has selected as chairman district coordination council of Social Welfare, Sargodha since 2013. Since 2002 he serve his services as president of Cable Operators Association (COA), division Sargodha, he is voice of cable operators so every election year he was selected as president of COA. He has remarkable performance for the welfare of dogar cast and nominated as president of dogar bradari (cast). He also serve his services as matchmaker of dogar cast. He is bureau chief of Dogar All News, Islamabad.

He have over 33years experience of working in a highly pressurised environment and dealing successfully with vulnerable people in difficult circumstances. He has strong commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged youth and adults, including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations. He is known as Baba Ch. Shafique Dogar and serve his 24 hours for the welfare of destitute. His mission in life is to serve for the public welfare, he is available for every time for help others and community development.

With strong affiliation with Aurat Foundation (AF), The Asia Foundation (TAF), National Commission for Justice & Peace (NCJP), Center for Human Rights Education (CHRE) Pakistan, Bounded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) Pakistan, Electronic Media Club (EMC) Sargodha, Asia Human Right Commission (AHRC) Pakistan, United Nation Human Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Pakistan, and other such organizations, he has received and also facilitated training sessions on themes like Social services and advocacy, Human Rights awareness, Education, Right to Information Print, Electronic and Social Media.


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    To bring about positive and lasting change in the society by provisions of services that combat violence against women, promotes women economic, social and cultural empowerment and consistent justice within society.

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