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Madam Shama Firdous

Profile – Madam Shama Firdous

Madam Shama Firdous was born and brought up in Pasrour where she got her secondary education and thereafter she moved to Rawalpindi and studied advance level in social studies. She did couple of public welfare training courses to pursue her ambitions for social work . She participated in numerous public welfare projects, workshops, seminars and medical camps. She through her hard working and dedication has earned a high name in the society. She also joined Civil Defense and was attached to capital police as inspector. She has also worked for the Monthly Police Report and Anti-Corruption. She was granted a Gold Medal for meritorious performance while leading a rescue operation of Air Blue crash at Magalia hills in Islamabad. She performed lot more serious assignments of public security from time to time. She resumed several offices from time to time and currently holding the following organizations to work  with enthusiasm and dedication.  


Chairperson – Membership Development, Rotary Club of Islamabad Midtown,

President  (Women Wing) –Jazbe-E-Khidmat Foundation(NGO), Rawalpindi.

Vice President.  Human Rights Commissions of  Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf, Rawalpindi.

President  - Action Committee, Worker Ittehaad, Muslim League (N-Group), Rawalpindi

Sub-Editor – Monthly Police Report and Anti-Corruption Report.

Coordinator and/or Director on many public Forum for workshops, welfare projects, various welfare moves. ration/food distribution drives and medical camps etc.  


Her journey to public welfare started after her children had grown up small. By nature, she used to helping neighbors’ and relatives in their hard times even when she was home-maker. She loves poor and old-people and thinks a lot for their welfare and she spend considerable time to make them happy. She coordinates medical help to poor people and medical treatments of serious patient for those who otherwise cannot afford any kind of treatment. 

She likes meeting high dignitaries whom Allah has chosen for high respect for a noble cause of humanity. She takes part in politics for using this platform to plead and guide general welfare of overlooked poor class.

This is not all but something to introduce Madam Shama Firdous and we are sure to know more about her in due course of time by God grace.






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