The Objectives of Star Special Persons Corner are:

  • Organization supports the rights and interests of people with disabilities, provides accommodation, representation, advocacy, information and other services, including education and employment consulting.
  • To provide and promote welfare, support and advocacy services for peoples with disable.
  • To assist persons with disabilities to speak, write, read, learn, and participate in a larger world.
  • During that time the Corner greatly expanded services to schools, providing formal and informal education and consultant services for individual living.
  • Audio world talking lectures is offering recorded textbooks, presentations, computer operating and applications programs, English and Urdu lectures for blinds peoples.
  • To grant financial assistance from Government and other agencies to people those are disables in cases of need.
  • Assistive Devices Technology Reutilization Program, Independent Living Skills Training, Festive activities for persons with disabilities, Networking with organizations, Promotion of Sports for Persons with Disabilities, Accessibility advocacy in normal schools, Continuing Education Program

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