Star Medical Test Laboratory

Star Welfare Organization have been constantly working day-in and day-out to solve various problems concerning women. We have identify that large number of women lose the battle for life during pregnancy at Sargodha due to no access to trained birth attendants or gynaecologists and women has lack of resources even for those who wish to seek treatment. Star Welfare Organization has working on to encourage women to use health facilities and skilled birth attendants when giving birth, which would at least allow women with complications a chance to receive proper treatment.


Star Welfare Organization (SWO) has desired to start-up “Star Zacha Bacha Center (the “facility” new general labour room with five bed) in Street No. 2, kot Fareed, Sargodha that will be committed to provide the most convenient, friendliest women’s pregnancies and psychological free services and most economical cost service to a population of approximately 200,000 in the immediate area, and an additional 0.5 million persons in the district Sargodha.


Reproductive health is among the most serious problems that women face in Pakistan. Health is a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being and does not mean the mere absence of disease or infirmity. In common parlance it is a condition in which a man or woman does not suffer from any illness and is feeling well; this leads us to believe that health is something related to the psycho-social and physical satisfaction.


The overall lack of proper psychological services and rehabilitation centers may lead to women remaining undiagnosed with depression and other conditions, especially after delivery of the baby. Reproductive health is among the most serious problems that women face in Sargodha, Pakistan. Many children lose their mothers to frequent pregnancies and complications. Our short term plan is to establish medical laboratory and Zacha Bacha Centre for the support of poor and needy community.

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