Before Six years ago Khalida Nasreen had got divorced due to the domestic violence against her husband. After this, she had been living with her brothers.  But her sister-in-laws (brothers wife’s) were used to abuse her and did mentally torture. Once her cousin, Saif-ullah came to meet her family but her brothers took it wrong that he had immoral relation with her sister so they fired with gun on Saifulah & also tortured her. After this incident she felt unsecure and came out from house with her 2 children, one sister & mother and survived at Hawwa Shelter Home.


She needed psycho-social, economic and legal support. So we provided her legal support & filing case against her brothers because they threat to kill her or kidnap her children. During the legal proceeding & our mediation, Khalid’s brother realized that they were in misapprehension so they came in shelter and submitted affidavit. There was mentioned the protection of Khalida Nasreen, her two children, Sister and her mother but only her sister & mother agreed to go with them. Khalida has decided to live in shelter but she is facing financial issues as she wanted to provide study of her children in better institutions. She has good skill of stitching so GEP-Shelter staff encouraged her for stitching of dresses in shelter home for the sake of earning.


Now Khalida is stitching dresses and earning handsome amount and also got engagement with her cousin after the permission of her family.

Her comments for shelter “Before this I don’t know how to survive respectful way in the society. I considered there is no any opportunity to save the future of my children, and my life is like hell after the joining of Hawwa shelter home my life has totally changed like heaven. This shelter is blessing for me, I came to know from shelter staff that these all facilities received under Gender Equity Program of Aurat Foundation, by the support of American people through USAID, so I thanked to A.F & USAID.”

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