Pakistan: Compulsion Sale her by Brothers and attempt to kill her

Pakistan: Compulsion Sale her by Brothers and attempt to kill her According to the Shahnaz Bibi statement, she belonged to Bahk daim Post office Tehsil Kot Momin District Sargodha, she has three brothers and four sisters, her mother died at the age of 14 when she was not child's mother. See and not the beloved brothers are three, they have never loved, but always seen the hatred, and the names of my brothers are listed.

Pakistan: Compulsion Sale her by Brother’s and attempt to kill her

According to the Shahnaz Bibi statement, she belonged to Bahk daim Post office Tehsil Kot Momin District Sargodha, she has three brothers and four sisters, her mother died at the age of 14 when she was not child's mother. See and not the beloved brothers are three, they have never loved, but always seen the hatred, and the names of my brothers are listed.


1)  Muhammad Saleem S/o Wali Muhammad (Married) my brother Muhammad Saleem had killed a servant and he was staying in the jail for 12 years. He had been imprisoned for nearly two and a half months before his marriage. It was 25 years but it had already been released Asif Zardari was in the distant.

2)  Muhammad Azam S/o Wali Muhammad (unmarried) used to do great misdeeds, stealing of livestock, goats, making small robberies was also a crime that police cannot do anything.   

3) Mukhtar Ahmad Wali Wali Mohammad (Unmarried)

4) Shamim Akhtar Daughter Wali Mohammad (Married)

5) Nasreen Zooja Mohammad Khan Daughter Maid Wali (Married)

6) Mahsud Darri Wali Wali (unmarried) Shahnaz said that her marriage was given as on 24/11/2012.


This relationship was seen by my brothers, I did not even see the person with which the person he was marrying was about 50 years old. She was quite old at my age. My father is very old man and my brothers forced me to force my father, my father was weak and did not let me talk to him nor did my father have courage to talk to me about the day I was married. On the day my brothers said, get married with this slave if you refused, you were not allowed to give it to the night and this night is final of your life, but my Saleem brother said that I was killed even before a servant and I was not getting late while killing my brother, Saleem, a month ago.

 It was a prisoner who had come from the jail. The famous Syed of our songs, whose name is Qalab Abbas, and his tone is also a great deal in turtle. My brothers told Qalab Abbas that this girl should understand or kill him. The people of the area are slanderous people. Guys are afraid of them. Poor people cannot even talk to them. These were my brothers' friends. And today too, their mischief is famous throughout the entire song, he was present in our house at the time he told me that in a way I can save your life. Come to my house and start getting involved with me. I do not belong to my other brothers, I can save your life in this way, but I refused.

The same Qalab Abbas took my ring and put it on a wedding. I sent a strong hand with this person and said, "If it comes back" So you will kill me, I planted for God, but they did not listen to me. I forced him to leave for this person only to leave me in three clothes, with whom the person was forced to marry me, going to his house and told him that I did not accept you that you have no marriage. On this point he slapped my mouth and said that I did not bring you as a sister and said that I had given millions of rupees to your brothers. I had to take back that in some way. There was a lot of your brothers I knew your father would not give me a relationship that’s why I had a lot of relationships from your brothers. During this house I stayed for three days, the person shut me in a room, kill me night and day, kill me and become nail on my body. They would have been bleeding from my hands and feet. Anita used to kill me as much as she was killing some animal. I just went to see a time. I forgot to lock a room and I missed it.

When he meet there, his house was in a forest, there was a tomb. I had there a little while waiting for someone to follow me. I did not know anything about the bus, I was sitting in the bus of Lahore. So the driver asked where to go. I told that Sargodha has to go, he said that it was Lahore's bus. Then the driver himself shed Sargodha's ticket. I reached Sargodha, where I came to Sargodha. He has to go to Daar Ul Amaan, he has left me from the quarters, so that he could submit a lawyer to such a lawyer so he sent him to the court and told him that when I reached there I was very worried about seeing the environment there was no compulsion I could have been forced to live there One day, a woman from Daar Ul Amaan told that there was an HAWA Shelter home in Sargodha, where she was going to go there to Daar Ul Amaan charge, "We said that many women came out of Daar Ul Amaan and came to HAWA Shelter Home." I came home at HAWA Shelter Home, dated 13/03/2013 and came here so much that the environment was much better than that day. 

I am living with them, I learned to write a little bit of sewing because I did not have to read anything before  Now I am writing a lot of writing, while I am in Shelter Home, I filed my divorce case, as soon as I filed a divorce case, all my brothers and my husband, husband, son of Dost Muhammad, the nation, Turkmenistan, Sukha, Rathpur Rihanna, District Sargodha will be my enemy and all of them have decided that the day the honeymoon was found, we would kill him that day, I could not return to my home till today I have not seen my father tell today how are you Since 2013, I am living in HAWA Shelter Home one day I talked to Madam so that if I made a non-identification card, Madam went to my office and became my identity card, but in the past days

I was headed by Sir Shafique and Madam Riffat Rani said to me, "How long should I be kept in the shelter home so that I do not burden you, people are helping  with me, but I want to get some work from which I have my pet to make sure that there is no burden on anyone, the head and Madam made me a passport and took a look at Debbie. 

I have worked in a house, they have a house in Dubai and I went to Dubai for 3 months, my visa was three months old, but those people I am living do not know anything about my case if when people get to know, they should drive me out of work. How long did I stay stuck and how long I kept secret hidden, so collaborated with me, I am still in danger of my life and my brother I am looking for them from place to place, and my ex-husband was also associated with my brothers Having returned to Dubai on 14/09/2017, HAWA Shelter  home, because besides this I have no place to live, during which I contacted my sister Nasser that I had to meet my father and the rest My sisters from sisters said that once you came to visit us, I secretly hide my brothers from 18/09/2017, my sisters told that both the brothers have removed the father from home. 

The younger brother Mukhtar Also get out of the house It is given that my father is living in his brother's house in the house where my brothers are living, my father had made his work hard and today he has removed him from home and he is eating stumbling storms. My brothers got my report. My former husband and my two brothers will be armed and follow me.

They had huge quantities of weapons and were knives to kill me. Once again the soul survived and reached Sargodha. My sister told me on the phone 09/10/2017, "My brother, Saleem, has given money to one of his jail colleagues, who has been involved in many cases, is responsible for the fact that we are allowed to give you honey Bring the pieces to kill us and kill someone else's purpose is that no one should blame on these brothers and they enjoy happiness. I am present at HAWA Shelter Home to protect me, my soul will be in danger.


Remarks:  Incharge HAWA Shelter Home Riffat Rani  provide her Shelter, basic need urgent legal AID, these kind of cases are very shameful for our society. If Police Station Kot Muhammad registerd a fake case against her cancel all fake cases I forward her case and request to Government Authorities please help us in this regard take urgent action against all accused person who involve direct or indirect for justice I request to Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief of Army Staff and Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief Justice Lahore High Court and Khadim e Aala Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and IG Punjab for take serious action against accused person. For said incidents of violence against women were on increase but the relevant institutions observed deliberated silence. ‘It has become a routine matter that Honour Killings, compulsion sale of our daughters, but neither the Police nor other relevant institutions play their role to stop it


Copy to:  1: CPO Rawalpindi (for information Police Station New Town Commercial Market Rawalpindi). 

2: Director General of Social Welfare Bait-Ul- Maal Empress Road Lahore 

Note: Case is continued. 



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